Full landscape design, installation and service from start to finish.

Creative custom landscapes to fit your outdoor needs!

Flaska Landscaping is Northern Michigan’s premier landscape contractor. We provide innovative design, and unparalleled service to fit all of your outdoor needs. Whether it’s stone, plants, irrigation or lighting, our team of professionals are here to help provide the highest level of quality and service. You can be confident that Flaska Landscaping is going to be quality driven from designing your landscape, to installation and maintenance.


Thank you for visiting Flaska Landscaping! We’re happy to know that your diligence has lead you to learn a little more about us. Let’s start with what we believe to be the most complimentary component of any business: PASSION! We love our industry and it shows. Passion is the driving force of Flaska Landscaping. It fuels every part of our workforce from design & installation to media and business development. Without passion we’d be mere attendants to the task. Instead, we’re practitioners of enthusiam and initiative.

What follows passion? PRIDE! And a bountiful yield of it since each of us is a contributing member of a quality control collective. At Flaska Landscaping, we place emphasis on things like collaborative thinking, foresight, and special attention to detail. All of those emphases result in improved aesthtics and function of your finished landscape. A sense of pride comes with every project. That’s the ultimate measure of quality control.

What else matters? Everything. Right down to the smallest of details, which leads us to PROFESSIONALISM! You can expect to be dealing with professionals through every phase of your project. Leadership is a contagion at Flaska Landscaping and we’ve all caught it. We welcome you to experience our company first hand. We’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the results.